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Belt Collins
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Philip Wai Yip Tam

Deputy Managing Director (Operation)

Columbia University, New York, USA - Master of Science in Architectural Design (2001)
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Bachelor of Science in Landscape
Architecture (2000)

Professional Qualifications:

Registered Landscape Architect of Singapore Institute of Landscape Architecture 2002 (SILA) – #295/3012)

Membership of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

Honours & Awards:

2017-2018 The 4th Real Estate Design China Award - The Outstanding Landscape Architect of the Year

Philip Tan joined Bell Collins International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in 2002 and was promoted to Design Director in 2009. Now, he is the Deputy Managing Director (Operation) of the Group, specializing in design and project management. Mr. Tan received a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Design from the University of Toronto, Canada and then a Master of Science in Architectural Design from Columbia University in New York, USA. After worked in the United States for a time, he joined Bell Collins International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. With his over 15 years of experience in environmental planning and design and his excellent management skills, he has participated in many domestic projects, including hotels, commercial, residences, and public facilities, and won many international awards.

Key Projects: 

Hong Kong

  • Ap Lei Chau Sham Wan Towers
  • Kowloon Station Phases 5, 6 and 7
  • Xisha-Golf Course South and North Section (Master Planning)
  • Park Vista Residence
  • Chung Hom Kok Villa Residence


North China


  • Yuhe No. 1 QuadrangleCourtyard (Lot no.1-1)Tongzhou Complex
  • Rehabilitation and Protection Project of Yuanen Temple No. 7 Courtyard behind
  • Zhujiang Yujingwan
  • Anli Road Residence
  • HNA CBD Core Area
  • Guangqu Road No. 15 Residence
  • Oceanwide International Residential Area Phase II Lot 4
  • Fuhua Garden (Phase I and II)
  • Beijing Yaju / (Fourth ring road residence)
  • Laiguangying Project Lot B3
  • Xinda Xuandong Lot A - G
  • Chaoyang District, Dongbazhong,
  • Hongsong Park Lot No. 18
  • Olympic Sports Center South District Lot OS - No. 2
  • Oceanwide International Business Center
  • Qinglong Lake North Reservoir Phase II, Fangshan District, Beijing
  • Sunhe Town, Xidian Village, Lot F and G
  • Tianyuan Xiangtai Tower
  • Oceanwide International Residential Area Phase II Lot 2-3 and surrounding roads
  • Beijing. Zhongjun Tianchen
  • Sunac Beijing No.1 Courtyard
  • Jinnan New City Area A
  • Tianjin National Game Village
  • Zhongjun  Parkview Bay
  • China-Australia Royal Yacht City Phase I
  • Zhengxin University City Project
  • Tianma International Lingshanglinli
  • Project East Lot Gate Area
  • Ocean City Lot D, new sales office
  • Sino-Singapore Eco-City
  • Sino-Singapore Eco-City Lot 9A and Art Circuit
  • Sino-Singapore Eco-City Lot 9B
  • Tuanbo Lake No.2 Island
  • Hongqi South Road, Nankai District
  • Tianjin Tuanbo Mission
  • Baotou Sunshine International Garden
  • Ulaanbaatar Shangri-La Hotel
  • Shijiazhuang Nanjiao Village City Village
  • Reconstruction Project Commodity Zone Lot 7# commercial complex
  • Hope Full International Health Center
  • Qinhuangdao Shangri-La Hotel
  • Shijiazhuang Galaxy Kingdom
  • Wujiaqu Sovereign Green Park, Sovereign International Hotel
  • Sovereign Center
  • Urumqi - Greentown Lily Phase III Office Project
  • Jinnan Panlong Mountain
  • Zhongguancun Medical Technology
  • Industrial Park Phase I
  • Qingdao High-tech Zone Residence
  • Qingdao Nancun International Cultural
  • Tourism Resort
  • Liaocheng Jingkai Nanyuan New City
  • Qingdao High-tech Zone Residence South Lot
  • Yantai Marriott Hotel
  • Yantai Xingyi Square
  • Dalian, Zhongshan District, Qingyun Street
  • Old District Reconstruction Project, Area B Lot 8
  • Fengyuan Rose City
  • COFCO Shenyang Aviation College
  • KC Hesong
  • KC Heyu
  • KC About America Phase II Lot B
  • MIX City
  • Fuya Haolin
  • Dalian High-tech Park Huangnichuan
  • Laozuoshan
  • Reservoir South
  • Dalian Yida Information Valley Industrial Zone
  • Yingkou Jiaoyuquan Shangri-La Hotel
  • Yingkou Jiaoyuquan Residence and Sales Center
  • Yingkou Jintai Seaview Villa Show Flat
  • Dalian Donggang Lot I09
  • Dalian Development Zone Binhai New
  • Area Ocean Park
  • Wuzhoucheng International Hotel
  • Supplies Exhibition Center
  • Xishan No.1
  • Tanggou International Hot Spring Resort
  • Shenyang Fuhai Liwan Peninsula
  • Shenyang KC Shenghexiang
  • Dalian Greentown Immortal Alley
  • Harbin Sovereign Residence Projectcomplex
Eastern China
  • Real Estate Group Residence on Maritime
  • Original Site
  • Changhai Changfeng Lot
  • Zhongjun Zhenru Lot
  • Mid Town Phase III North Lot
  • Vanke Dijie Lot B
  • Pudong Star River Phase II
  • Star River Garden Phase I
  • Star River
  • The Bund 191
  • Oceanwide International Apartment (Lot No. 10)
  • Lianyang Garden (Phase II and III)
  • Lianyang Nianhua
  • La Belle Vie
  • Shanju Shuiting - Zhongbang Kangcheng Residential Are
  • Changzhou West Taihu Lake Galaxy Moon
  • Bay West Lot Phase III
  • Wuxi Tingtaoyuan
  • Wuxi Greentown Taihu New City
  • Wuxi Taihu Jinyuan Golf Club
  • Wuxi Taihu Jinyuan Residence
  • Wuxi Sunac Wuxi Steel Plant Project
  • Wuxi Sunac Airport Road Project
  • Wuxi Huishan Zhangcun Project
  • Nanjing Sunac Yanziji Project
  • Nanjing Universal Mall B1 Sunken Plaza and L1 Platform Plaza Project
  • Nanjing Hexi Central Business District
  • Nanjing Hexi Golden Eagle City Square
  • Nanjing Central Square Reconstruction Project
  • Nanjing Jiangning Agile Garden
  • Nanjing Pukou Qiaolin Industrial Park
  • Food Headquarter
  • Jinyu South Seventh Garden Project Lot A01 Greenbelt and Lot A02 and A03
  • Commercial Street
  • Jinlu Hefei Forklift Factory Project Lot A06 and 07
  • Jiangsu Jiyang Lakeside International
  • Xuzhou Yurun Xuzhou Central
  • International Plaza
  • Suzhou Tangbei Residence
  • Suzhou Dushu Lake Moon Bay Lot CBD 19
  • Suzhou Zhongfu Lakeside Palace
  • Huai'an Silverain Mansion
  • Nanjing Yungu Mountain Villa Phase II
  • Nanjing Rongqiao Riverside Residence East District
  • Jurong City Complex
  • Taizhou MeihaoLingyu Blue Bay
  • Sovereign Hangzhou Hotel
  • Chengnan New District Lot 7155 Hotel Phase I
  • Yuyao Ming Hot Spring Resort
  • Hangzhou Between Water and Sky Project
  • Hangzhou Wanyin Twin Tower Center Building 2
  • Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Supporting Development Lot B-11
  • Hangzhou Xixi Haidong District
  • Environmental Design Service
  • Hangzhou Hangzheng Chu Chu (2010) Lot No. 9
  • Hangzhou Tianhong Xiangxieli
  • Hangzhou Galilee Technology Complex
  • Hangzhou Shenghao. Yijia County Lot
  • Hangzhou Dahua Xixi Fengqing Phase VI
  • Hangzhou Greentown West Lake
  • Haitang Apartment
  • Hangzhou Between Water and Sky Project
  • Hangzhou Zhonggang Golden Coast Roland
  • Ningbo Yuyao Commercial and Residence
  • Ningbo High-tech Zone Lot 2#
  • Ningbo Binjiang Qingfeng Lot I –1 and I –2
  • Ningbo Rong'an Pearl
  • Ningbo Rong'an Mansion
  • Jinhua Greentown Haitang Garden
  • Wenzhou – MIX City Commercial Lot
  • Wenzhou-Yuntianlou Intercontinental Square
  • Wenzhou Rui'an Villa Area
  • Centrally administered city Zhongjun
  • Zhenru Lot
  • Shanghai Xuhui Binjiang Longshui South Road Project
South China
  • Zhuhai Phoenix Valley Garden
  • Star River Central Building
  • Shajing Commercial Center
  • Galaxy International
  • Luohu Hongxiang Garden
  • Huicheng Dongjing International
  • Community (Phase I)
  • Science City
  • Liwan Yaju
  • Tianlun Garden
  • Qinjian Business Building
  • Huadu Longzhu Road Community
  • (Yunzhu Garden Youyang Waterbank)
  • Fuji Plaza Residence
  • Panyu Star River Phase 3 to 5 and
  • Yanjiang Road
  • Panyu Star River Hotel
  • Fuji Square
  • Real Blue Project
  • Vanke City Garden
  • Asian Games City Project Lot D Residence
  • Xiaolan Jianhua Garden
  • Olympic Garden
  • Zhonghui Cinnamon Oasis
  • Horoy Dalang Longsheng Jianshe Road
  • Industrial Zone
  • City Update Unit
  • Horoy Unitown Project Phases 2 and 3
  • Ankang Golden Bay Residential Area Phase II
  • Ankang Golden Bay Residence
  • Haijunda Plaza (former name: Shunde
  • Haijunda City Plaza Project)
  • Shunde Gordon Hotel Project Villa Private Garden
  • Dongguan Bihu East Bank Mansion
  • Dongguan Dongjiang Coast
  • Dongguan Dongjiang Coast Project Lot 2#
  • Sovereign Dongguan Hotel
  • Sovereign Shenzhen Mission Hills Villa &
  • Mission Hills Office Building
  • Hong Kong Hengda Model Garden Design
  • Kunming Huihe Gardening
  • Nanning University Road
  • Nanning Hanlin Shangzhu
  • Nanning Hanlin Mingmen
  • Nanning Hanlin Meizhu Phase II
  • Nanning Hanlin Shangcheng
  • Nanning Hanlin Meizhu
  • Nanning Haihua Dongmeng Residence
  • Nanning Hanlin Times Square
  • Fangcheng Port - Fusen Lingfeng
  • Qinjian Nanning Project
  • Qinjian Kede Road PC2007 - 04 Lot
  • Nanning Dongmeng He City Phase II
  • Nanning Dongmeng Central City
  • Nanning Kaixuan No.1
  • Beihai Heju No.1
  • Nanning Riverview Lake
  • Nanning Yijiang Comprehensive Improvement,
  • Development and Utilization Project
  • Changjiang Chess Bay Platinum Five Star Hotel
  • Sanya Australian Garden
  • Sanya Shanhaitian Project Phase I
  • Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula Fourth Bay Hotel
  • Hainan Lingshui Guomao. International
  • Mud Therapy
  • Resort Landscape Avenue Project
  • Haikou New Coast
  • Changjiang Chess Bay Platinum Five Star Hotel
  • Sanya Australian Garden
  • Sanya Shanhaitian Project Phase I
  • Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula Fourth Bay Hotel
  • Hainan Lingshui Guomao. International
  • Mud Therapy
  • Resort Landscape Avenue Project
  • Haikou New Coast
  • Sanya Forte Lu Island
  • Guiyang Phoenix Dwelling Project
  • Anshun Bailing. Hongshan Lakeside Project
  • Qingzhen Weicheng - Undercurrent
  • Global Tourism Project Planning and Design and Environmental Design Services
West China
  • Chengdu Western International Finance Center
  • Chengdu Mengyang Logistics
  • Commercial and Residence
  • Chengdu City Times Ganzhou Project
  • Chengdu-Haijunda City
  • Zhengzhou Longqing Jixiangli
  • Zhengzhou Longhu
  • Zhengzhou Wanzhong Building
  • Luoyang Scenic Flower City
  • Xi'an Quchi East bank
  • Xi'an Yurun Xi'an Agricultural and Sideline
  • Products Worldwide Procurement Center Residence
  • Longfor - Lanhu County (Phase I to IV)
  • Xinjiang Jinmao Green Spring Valley Project
Central China
  • Quanzhou Anxi Cross-Strait Financial
  • Research Center Hotel
  • Fuzhou Zhonggeng Civiland
  • Fuzhou Zhonglian Town
  • Guiyang Resources Dream City Phase I
  • Guiyang Zhongtian Financial Center
  • Phase II North L Business Area
  • Guiyang Experience Center
  • Guiyang Yunyan Shuidong Road Future Ark
  • Guiyang Zhongtian 201 Building Landscape
  • Reconstruction Project
  • Wuhan Tianyu – River Horizon
  • Wuhan Oceanwide International
  • Residential Area - Guihai Garden
  • Wuhan Tianyu - WXIC International
  • Jincheng City
  • Taiyuan Star River Bay
  • Kaifeng – Zhengkai Olive City Xinyuehui Project
  • Hefei Xuefu Mingdu
  • Tongling Silverain Hua Residence
  • Bengbu Daihu Lot 70 Project
  • Bengbu Daihu Lot 71 Project
  • Bengbu Daihu Lot 72 Project
  • Bengbu Longfor Project Lot 74
  • Wuhu – Sunyi Plaza Wuhu Weixing Zure Coast
  • Maanshan - Weixing Lanshan Yazhu 145#
  • Villa Show Area
  • MaanShan – Wei Xing No.1 Courtyard
  • Anhui Forklift Group Headquarter
  • Building: Heli Building
  • Huangshan Yurun Han Yue Lou
  • Nanchang Zijinyuan Phase III and IV
  • Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City Hotel Group
  • Nanchang BRC Royal Palace
  • Kindom Muzha District Xiuming Road Residence
  • H60 (Tucheng) Residence
  • H90 (Zhonghe) Residence
  • H91 (Zhonghe) Residence
  • Linkou Mitsui Outlet Park Environmental Design
  • Huikuo 137 Project
  • Taichung Residence Project
  • Wushi Port Nandi New Land
Phnom Penh
  • The River, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • King Cross Station Master Plan, London
  • Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain Competition
  • Pennsylvania Avenue, Designing for Security Competition
  • Rasiej Townhouse Roof-top Garden, New York
  • Real Estate Project, Mixed Condominium and Theatre Complex in Manhattan
  • Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York
  • Washington Memorial, Designing for Security Competition
  • World Trade Centre Building 7 Plaza
  • World Trade Centre Ground Zero, Temporary Memorials Fence


Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Deputy Managing Director (Operation)
2019 - now

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Vice President & Creative Director
2016 - 2019

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Environmental Landscape Planner – Design Director Design Director
2011 - 2016

Belt Collins Arts International Company Limited
Deputy Design Director
2009 - 2011

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Assistant Director
2008 - 2009

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Senior Landscape Architect
2006 - 2008

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Deputy Project Manager

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Landscape Designer
2005 - 2006

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Assistant landscape Designer
2002 - 2004

Belt Collins International (HK) Limited
Landscape Designer
2001 - 2002